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Mar-18-2010 :: LOST

Well I figured I would log in and update this page with a LOST theory.

My theory is that Jacob's enemy is Claire's son Aaron.

Think about it. Bad Locke (smoke monster) killed everyone in the ruins except for Kate. Then this week he pulled Claire off of Kate. He's spared her twice now. Why? Because Kate raised him as a baby. Bad Locke went on to explain to Kate how his Mom was crazy. Claire is crazy.

My theory is that the locked room that Sawyer saw in the submarine contains a boy named Aaron. Aaron as a youth is existing now on the same timeline as Aaron the smoke monster.

That's my theory, I could be wrong.
Oct-22-2007 :: Kickball

Let it be known that I, at age 40, scored from first base on a bunt in my kickball league.

Let me take you through the experience. The first pitch came down the pike and I kicked it foul. The second came and I drilled a grounder to third base and raced down to first base; SAFE.

Prince, our team captain, was up next. He bunted down the third base line. I bolted for second base with no intention of stopping at second. I was going for third.

As I reached second base the third baseman was just starting to throw the ball over to first base. I knew I had third base wrapped up. But, as I was approaching third I noticed that the catcher, having come out to field the bunt, had not gotten back home to cover the plate. "I'm gonna score" I thought. And without hesitation accelerated through third on my way to home.

The first baseman having seen me rounding third dashed for home plate. There was no way he was going to beat me there. Now in kickball you can throw base runners out by hitting them with the ball. This was his only chance. I was mid-way to home from third when I saw planting to throw. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the ball approaching and like an olympic hurdler I jumped over the ball and landed on home plate.

We ended up losing by the score of 9-1, but, what a play. I'll never forget it.
Aug-06-2007 :: High School Reunion

This weekend was my 20 year High School Reunion. I didn't go to the full weekend events. I went to the Friday night happy hour only.

It was fun. It's funny how everyone has matured yet they are still the same. It was nice to see that old friends, that you hoped were doing well, are doing well and have made it through the turbulence of early adulthood.

I thought it would make me feel older, but that wasn't the case. You really get a feel for just how young you still are. The girls were still hot, the guys were balding but in pretty good shape. Everyone was fun and had something interesting to add to conversation. It was a good time. I'm glad I went.
Jul-21-2007 :: Leroy Hoard and Poker Night

Well it happened. The big 4-0. I turned 40 on the 12th. To celebrate my wife and I went to the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Broward County.

I originally sat down at the lowest possible stakes poker table. After winning 6 of the next 10 hands the table quickly emptied and I was sitting by myself with the dealer. "You could move to a higher stakes table", she offered.

So I did. About 4 or 5 dead hands into the game who sits down next to me? Leroy Hoard; ex-Running back for the Browns and Vikings. "I'm a huge Vikings fan", I told him. "I'm babysitting", he responded. I guess Leroy was the designated driver for a bunch of his friends that were going out that night.

A couple hands later Leroy got up from the table. When he returned he said, "Oh you would have been excited, that was just Randy Moss." Leroy had gotten up to go say, "What up?" to Randy Moss. Too cool.

Anyway, after taking Leroy's money on my final hand of the night, I walked away with the opinion that Leroy Hoard was a very down to earth and cool person. He could hang in my click and be one of the guys; no-problem. Only, difference is that he's a millionaire.
May-06-2007 :: Spider-Man III

My Brother and I took Liam to see Spider-Man 3 today. Liam wore his Spider-Man costume. I can't describe how cute it was. I love that kid.

He would explain everything to me in the movie, like, "That's the Sandman. He turns into sand". I'm so proud to be Liam's father. I constantly find myself thinking, "That kid; the cutest kid here; that's my boy".

The movie was pretty good. I give it 3.5 stars. I rank it the third best of the three Spider-Man movies, but still entertaining and worth seeing.

Liam loved it.
Apr-22-2007 :: LOST

If you don't watch the show LOST then skip to the next article. I love the show.

My theories (so far) as to what is going on:

I predict that Locke is the real Sawyer (Sawyer on the show only goes by that name because, 'Sawyer', is the name of the guy who conned his Mother and destroyed his family. He's vowed to kill the real Sawyer when he finds him). Locke's father is a con man and it's real popular to think that he may be the real Sawyer, but, that's too easy. So far everyone on the island has done something bad, except for Locke. I predict he tried to follow in his father's footsteps at one point. He's the real Sawyer.

How did Locke's Father get on the island? I'll tell you. Ben (the leader of the others) mentioned there was a box and in this box, Locke, would be able to find what ever he desired most, his father. My theory is that Pandora's box was found on the island. All of this, this whole story, center's around the box.

When Pandora opened the box (a gift from Zeus) she released the misfortunes of mankind. She shut the jar in time to keep one thing in the jar: hope. Pandora eventually freed hope as well.

The daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora was Pyrrha, who married Deucalion and was one of the two who survived the deluge. The deluge was a huge flood that killed nearly everything on Earth. During the flood, they landed on Mount Parnassus, the only place spared by the flood. Once the deluge was over and the couple were on land again, Deucalion consulted an oracle of Themis about how to repopulate the earth.

My theory is that Pirates landed on the island and learned of another coming of the great deluge. Eventually this information fell into the hands of the Darma initiative. Darma, has formulated plans to re-populate the earth following the coming deluge. Only they can't figure out how to re-produce on the island (pregnant women don't fare well on the island). Many experiments ensue.

The black smoke is Cerebrus. In Greek mythology, Cerberus guarded the gate to Hades and ensured that spirits of the dead could enter, but none could exit (additionally no living person was to come into Hades). Is the island the gate to Hades?

In the last of his Twelve Labours, Hercules was to capture Cerberus. He found the entrance to the underworld, and Athena and Hermes helped him to traverse the entrance in each direction. Whilst in the underworld, Hercules freed Theseus, but the earth shook when he attempted to liberate Pirithous, so he had to leave him behind.

They had been imprisoned by Hades, by magically binding them to a bench, because they had attempted to kidnap Persephone. Hercules presented himself before the throne of Hades and Persephone and asked permission to take Cerberus, to which the gods agreed as long as Heracles did not harm the hound in any way. Hercules wrestled the dog into submission and dragged it out of Hades.

I don't have it totally ironed out of course, but I believe, Hurly's numbers represent the misfortunes of man that were released when Pandora opened her box. Is it a coincidence that Locke is named, 'lock'? Is he the key to Pandora's box? He seems to have a relationship with the island that no one else (other or otherwise) has.
Apr-15-2007 :: New Job

This week I left NBC/Universal to pursue an opportunity with another company. NBC has been moving our IT up to New York slowly but surely and the only future I saw there, for myself, was for me to move to New York as well. Moving is out of the question for me right now. I just moved into my house two years ago and I still have not fully unpacked. I'm going nowhere.

The new opportunity is with a company called Starmark / MARC USA. It's a large advertising agency based out of Pittsburgh with offices located throughout North America. I'll be their new Interactive Developer.
Mar-22-2007 :: I always knew batman was that way

Definitive proof that Batman is a pervert. Click Here

Pretty funny, stuff. Check this page out to view the top 15 unintentionally funny comic book panels.
Mar-13-2007 :: 300 Movie

Debbie and I went to see 300 over the weekend. I thought it was good. Very gory; do not bring the kids.

If you are a fan of Frank Miller or you are into war movies then you will enjoy this film. There is a lot of great imagery. I give it a 4 star rating (out of 5).

Debbie, who is not a fan of war movies, thought the movie was, "okay", but overly gory.
Feb-28-2007 :: Funny Image

If you are a web designer this pertains to you. I thought this image was pretty funny. Click here. Mostly it's funny because it's so accurate.
Feb-21-2007 :: New Arrival

My sister Kelly had a baby boy this weekend. Sean, was born 7lbs 7oz Friday, February 16, 2007.
Feb-11-2007 :: Back in Business

I've re-gained control of I've moved the entire site over to PHP from ColdFusion. Be sure to check back often, I will be updating this site with much more material.
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